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Employment Services at UCP

The employment department at UCP is called Employment Solutions. We assist qualified job seekers who experience a disability to connect with employers who value what they bring to the workplace. Since the department's inception in 2006, Employment Solutions has supported 100 individuals in their job search journey. Our goal is to help them find, secure, and keep employment. All jobs are competitive and pay fair wages.

How Does the Process Work?

Our job seekers drive every step of the job-seeking process. When they come to us, they have hired a team of professionals and advocates who will work for and with them.

We start by helping them identify their talents and interests, work on resumes and cover letters, fill out applications, attend interviews, and arrange volunteering, job shadowing, and competitive employment.

A successful job placement is not necessarily defined by how long a new employee stays at a job, but by his or her satisfaction with the job.


Our Mission:

To provide people who experience disabilities the highest quality job development services available.

We Will:

  • Serve all people who experience disabilities regardless of the severity of their disability
  • Treat every customer with respect
  • Maintain a belief that every person should have an opportunity to work
  • Find work for people experiencing disabilities in the community, making minimum wage or better and surrounded by people who do not experience disabilities
  • Promote teamwork between employer, counselor, person experiencing disabilities, advocate, and supported employment specialist
  • Allow the customer to lead the process by utilizing a person-centered model


For More Information:

For more information about Employment Solutions, please contact Melissa Miller at 503-777-4166 x325 or by .

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