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What is Choices?

Choices provides individual supports to 60-70 adults as they participate in community-based recreation, leisure, education, volunteering or pre-employment activities of their choosing.

Choices offers the people we support exactly what the name suggests: Choice. It provides the people receiving services opportunity to make decisions about how they spend their time.

Our Services:

  • Individual Choice
  • Community Inclusion
  • Volunteerism
  • Recreational & Leisure Activities
  • Opportunities to Socialize
  • Dedicated Staffing
  • Transportation Scheduling

Our Mission & Core Values

The mission of ‘Choices’ is to positively affect the lives of the individuals receiving services through community integration and inclusion, while fostering independence and confidence.

Our goal is to provide the people we support the resources and options necessary to live full, content lives.


The activities of each Choices customer is predicated on the basis of personal choice and individual interests; the plan of the day is chosen by the individual.


We believe that the best way to achieve a fully inclusive lifestyle is by getting out into the community and connecting with others. Inclusion is the core foundation of the Choices program; we believe that together every person can live a life without limits, regardless of the severity of the disability they experience.


Choices customers work with their Support Specialist to identify their options and chose the community-based activities they would like to participate in.  They may have the opportunity to join a group for a coordinated outing that may include: fishing, a trip to the aquarium, volunteering at a non-profit, or visiting a hobby shop; it all depends on their personal interest.


We listen to the people we support so we know what’s important to them.  We believe in educating customers about their choices, and that everyone has the right to make decisions about things that affect their lives.

We assist each person to evaluate their options and utilize the same means as anyone else in the community to engage in meaningful activities.

Who is Eligible?

Any person who is 18 or older, has a developmental disability, and is eligible for Medicaid/Oregon Health Plan. Each person is referred to UCP Choices by their local community developmental disability program (the county) or personal agent (support services brokerage). If you are interested in community inclusion services, first contact your county to find out if you are eligible.

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