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Neighborhood Waves had a great day visiting Gresham

What a great day we had on our first group outings to Gresham!  The day started out with a visit to Fire Station 71, then it was off to Gresham Station Mall to make embossed greeting cards with our new friends at the Craft Warehouse!  We rounded out the day by posting our group up at Starbucks to recharge, relax, and hang out with friends!  

Thank you to our wonderful hosts for a day well spent in your fine city!

    • Adam shows off his Masterpiece!
    • Sally & Adam at Craft Warehouse in Gresham
    • Don, Amanda & Jason Chillin' Out at Starbucks
    • The Choices Crew Hanging Out at Gresham Station Mall
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Neighborhood Waves is back!!!

Neighborhood Waves is back!

August 2015: City of Milwaukie

Neighborhood Waves is back!


We will be busy exploring all that the City of Milwaukie has to offer during the month of August!  There are lots of fun shops, historic homes, sculpture art and tours to be had. Tours of Bob’s Red Mill and Pietro's Pizza are set for maximum fun and an extra special behind the scenes look at what makes these businesses great!!

A special "thank you" to the businesses that are welcoming us into their community and helping to make "A Community for Everyone".  Download and print the informational flyer listing all of the participating Milwaukie businesses and print off the COUPON page with special offers created just for us!  Get out there and show em' your support!  And...Don't forget to play Waves Bingo for your chance to pick out a fun prize!!!

Participating businesses include:

  • Cha Cha Cha!
  • Spring Creek Coffee House
  • Bob’s Red Mill
  • Wind Horse Coffee & Tea
  • Dusty Tiger Antiques & Toys
  • Pietro's Pizza
  • The Warrior Room
  • Painted Lady Coffee House
  • Kellogg Bowl
  • Wunderland Games
  • The City of Milwaukie
  • Ledding Library
  • Bernard's Garage

Get the latest updates from our explorers on our Facebook page:

For information on Neighborhood Waves contact: Merna Robertson 503-777-4166 x 390 or by .

Neighborhood Waves Explores Milwaukie

Neighborhood Waves is busy exploring all that Milwaukie has to offer during February and March!  There are lots of fun shops, historic homes, sculpture art and tours to be had. A tour of Dark Horse Comics is set for February and in March we will be getting the behind the scenes look at Bob’s Red Mill!

A special "thank you" to the businesses that are welcoming the people we support and helping to make "A Community for Everyone". Make sure to check out the coupon good for participating Milwaukie businesses and give them some support!

Participating businesses include:

• Animal House Pets & Supplies

• Clackamas Book Exchange

• Cha Cha Cha!

• Spring Creek Coffee House

• Dark Horse Comics

• Bob’s Red Mill

• Wind Horse Coffe & Tea

• Pietro's Pizza

• Dusty Tiger Antiques & Toys

Get the latest updates from our explorers on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/ucpaorwa

For information on Neighborhood Waves contact: Kerry Pinney 503-777-4166 x 353 or by .

Let's Connect

With state resources dwindling for families, it’s more important than ever that parents and other caregivers have opportunities to connect to share resources, respite, equipment, emotional support, and more. 

To facilitate these connections, UCP Family Support is offering something we call “Let’s Connect.”

Let’s Connect is a vibrant collaboration between UCP Family Support and the Developmental Disability Service offices in both Clackamas and Multnomah Counties, who have provided grant money to fund the trainings.

This year, we will be holding seven parent trainings for parents and other caregivers (as well as professionals) on topics that have been identified by families as relevant to them.  The topics include:

  • Bullying Prevention
  • Behavior
  • Transition to Adulthood
  • Communication
  • Locating Summer Resources 


The trainings will be held between March 7th and June 12th.  To find the dates and locations of these trainings, please visit this link.

Last year, we worked with Clackamas County to provide nine parent and professional trainings; the trainings were very well attended. This is a partnership we hope will continue for years to come. 

Along with the trainings, UCP will also host two family outings in the summer that are fun for the whole family, including another roller skating outing with the Rose City Rollers! Summer can be a very stressful time for families raising children who experience a disability or special health need because not all summer programs are accessible. 

Find out more about UCP's Family Support Department here.

UCP Cruises into the Portland International Auto Show

    • Happy Ed at the 2013 Auto Show
    • Ed checking out a sweet ride
    • Auto Show 2013
    • Ed at the 2013 Auto Show
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Thanks to a generous donation of complimentary admission tickets from the Oregon Auto Dealers Association, a large group of Choices Program and Supported Living customers along with their UCP support staff were able to attend and explore the 2013 Portland International Auto Show.  This year’s show was packed with activities for all ages and abilities to enjoy and participate.

Performance Mobility (also friends of UCP) partnered with the Auto Show this year to design a ‘Mobility Zone’ showcasing specialized mobility equipment, accessible vans, trucks, and even motorcycles to reinforce the idea that despite barriers limiting a person’s physical abilities; there are tools available to live an active, fulfilling life without limits!  One UCP customer, Ed M., was especially grateful for the opportunity to attend. As a lifelong hot rod and vintage classic car enthusiast Ed was all smiles for days leading up to and following the event.

We would like to extend special thanks to Greg Remensperger, Executive Vice President of Metro Portland New Car Dealers Association, and Jeff Fishback, Auto Show Director, for all of their hard work and dedication to this event and for exemplifying the kind of leadership and thinking that promotes full inclusion for all people within our communities and community based events.