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UCP Connections Is Growing!

We are pleased to announce that UCP's support services brokerage, UCP Connections, is growing.

We are currently recruiting for two new Personal Agents, who will provide case management supports to a caseload of up to 45 adults with developmental disabilities.

If this sounds like something that might interest you, please see the job ad here.

Our Brokerage Turns Two!

Two Decembers ago, UCP’s support services brokerage, UCP Connections, opened its doors with fifteen customers, three Personal Agents and a whole lot of support from UCP and the community.

Since then, Connections has enrolled over 180 clients.

Connections provides person-centered planning, case management, fiscal intermediary services, and resource referral. But what does that actually mean? Brokerage Director Sarah Knight describes Connections’ role as  “celebrating individuality, providing education, offering resources and support, and lending an empathetic ear to support the people we work with, helping them to realize their goals and sometimes to deal with the consequences of their choices.”

It’s a very exciting and meaningful job. As Sarah says, “the people we support are doing the things that Oregonians do. Some dance, some get dinner with friends, some bowl, some enjoy nature, some are involved in disputes, some drive, some take the bus, some need shelter, some budget their money, some take medications, some have family, some have friends who are most important to them, some vote, some want to make our lives better than they are today, some want to make other people's lives better, some are content, some work, some play.”

Happy Anniversary, UCP Connections!

To learn more about UCP Connections, contact Sarah Knight, UCP Connections Director by or call 503-777-4166 x 361

Brokerage Update

UCP Connections is UCP's support services brokerage. We provide person-centered planning, case management, fiscal intermediary services, and resource referral.

Recently, Connections welcomed Matthew Baxter as our newest Personal Agent. We feel very lucky to have found Matthew; he brings years of Personal Agent experience and a real dedication and passion to this kind of work.

Now close to capacity, Connections has nearly 180 customers enrolled and our Personal Agents have nearly 45 people on each of their caseloads. So, what are the Personal Agents and customers working on? Well, many of our customers have housing, employment, and social goals. Many of their families are receiving respite care and assistance with daily care. But, no matter what they are working on, our customers always take the lead in determining their supports and services.

To find out more about Connections, click here.

UCP Connections Keeps Growing

UCP Connections (UCP's support services brokerage) continues to grow and change. Barely a year old, Connections already enrolled 160 customers (their ultimate goal is to enroll 180 customers).  As the Brokerage Director, Sarah Knight, says, “It is a wonderful process getting to know each new person and working with them towards making and reaching their life’s goals.”

Recently, Paul Moffatt joined the team as a Personal Agent. Paul grew up in Chicago, Illinois and has been living on the west coast for the past 10 years or so.

Paul’s values, approach, and experience make him a perfect fit for our team. His background in working with people who experience homelessness, addiction, and mental health conditions will be a great resource for his customers. Welcome, Paul!

To learn more about the brokerage, click here.

Connections Turns One!

“Eventually everything connects - people, ideas, objects.” – Charles Eames

UCP excels at getting people connected to the things that matter to them—-nowhere more than our brokerage, which just turned one year old. What an exciting year it’s been. As Sarah Knight, Brokerage Director says, “From the very beginning everything felt right, and things snapped right into place. So, here we are one year later, thanks to the vision of UCP, the support of community partners, the dedication of our Personal Agents, and the dreams and commitment of the people we support – our customers. I am proud to be a part of the brokerage that UCP Connections is today, complete with all of our challenges, frustrations, and wins.”

Connections now supports over one hundred people, all of whom are taking steps towards achieving their goals and creating the life that they envision for themselves. 

Just in time for its birthday, Connections has a newly developed mission: To provide individualized planning and resources to adults with developmental disabilities that promotes independence, personal success, and connection to community. We are fortunate to be instrumental in that journey and look forward to our collective personal and professional growth.

Congratulations, Connections!

UCP Connections Is Growing!

UCP Connections, UCP's brokerage, is pleased to announce that we have hired Jess Cline to be our Fiscal and Data Manager. As FDM, Jess will provide administrative support to the brokerage including data management, processing payments to providers, fiscal reconciliation, technology support, and most other general clerical support. 

All of us here at Connections are really excited to work with him. Welcome, Jess!