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T-shirt Design Contest for the 10th Anniversary of Walk, Roll 'n' Run

This year we are asking for YOU to design the 2014 Walk, Roll 'n' Run t-shirt! See complete details for the t-shirt design contest by clicking on the pdf below. There is a $100 gift certificate in it for the winner along with the joy of seeing your design on hundreds of people around town!

Submissions Due - Friday, March 14th!

Neighborhood Waves Explores Milwaukie

Neighborhood Waves is busy exploring all that Milwaukie has to offer during February and March!  There are lots of fun shops, historic homes, sculpture art and tours to be had. A tour of Dark Horse Comics is set for February and in March we will be getting the behind the scenes look at Bob’s Red Mill!

A special "thank you" to the businesses that are welcoming the people we support and helping to make "A Community for Everyone". Make sure to check out the coupon good for participating Milwaukie businesses and give them some support!

Participating businesses include:

• Animal House Pets & Supplies

• Clackamas Book Exchange

• Cha Cha Cha!

• Spring Creek Coffee House

• Dark Horse Comics

• Bob’s Red Mill

• Wind Horse Coffe & Tea

• Pietro's Pizza

• Dusty Tiger Antiques & Toys

Get the latest updates from our explorers on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/ucpaorwa

For information on Neighborhood Waves contact: Kerry Pinney 503-777-4166 x 353 or by .

Two AWESOME Ways to Contribute to UCP - Golf and Shopping!

WinCo Portland Open Golf Tournament

Click the link below to find out more about the WinCo Portland Open Golf Tournament.  Each ticket purchased raises funds for UCP if you use the links and order forms below!



Earn donations for UCP by simply linking and using your Fred Meyer Rewards Card!

With a new program that just started at Fred Meyer, you can now link your Fred Meyer Rewards Card to United Cerebral Palsy of Oregon & SW Washington and start earning donations for UCP with each swipe!

It is easy to do and you still will be receiving your rewards like usual each month.

This is a separate donation that Fred Meyer has agreed to do for the charities of their customers choice!

So, visit www.fredmeyer.com/communityrewards today and get your card linked! 

You can search for us by name or enter our non-profit #91421.  Complete instructions can be found in the pdf below.



Let's Connect in 2014

UCP’s Family Support Department provides all kinds of support to parents who are raising a child with cerebral palsy (and rare disabilities that mimic CP), such as information and referral, support groups, and overnight respite from caregiving.

But one of the most important things we do is help parents connect with other parents. One of the ways parents connect is through our “Let’s Connect” program, which UCP runs with funding assistance from the Developmental Disability Service offices in Clackamas and Multnomah counties.

Here’s how Let’s Connect works: throughout the year, parents can attend trainings on a variety of useful topics. Attendees will learn a lot, and get the chance to connect with other parents who are interested in the same topic.

If you missed the 2013 trainings, we have good news for you!  In 2014, we will once again be hosting a full roster of trainings in Clackamas County.  We are collecting suggestions for training topics from county service coordinators and parents.  If you’d like to suggest topics for the trainings, please contact us by .

Along with the trainings, the 2014 Let’s Connect program will also feature several family outings, including the extremely popular roller skating day and a summer picnic.  Stay tuned to learn more details!


For more information, please contact Susan Cushman at 503-777-4166 x332 or send an .

Let's Connect November Update

Meal time a challenge?

UCP will be holding a workshop which will explore the nature of picky eating for children, teens, and adults who experience disabilities. The nationally known speaker, Joan Medlen, will share strategies and a tiny bit of science to reduce stress at mealtime. The training will be held November 7th from 6:30pm to 8:00pm in Clackamas. Learn more here.

This training is the last training of 2013’s Let’s Connect Series. Let’s Connect is a vibrant collaboration between UCP Family Support and the Clackamas and Multnomah Developmental Disability Service offices, and combines trainings, outings and the sharing of useful information.

Find out more about UCP's Family Support Department here.

UCP: A 100 Best Non-Profit Employer!

UCP is pleased to announce that UCP ranked as #14 among large employers on the 2013 list of the 100 Best Nonprofits to Work For in Oregon. The study was coordinated by Oregon Business

To watch a video about some of the winners (including UCP!),click here.Special thanks to Beatrice Williams and Emil Khooda for agreeing to be the "face" of UCP in the video.

For more information on 2013’s 100 Best Nonprofits list, click here.
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The 2013 Walk, Roll 'n' Run Is a GREAT SUCCESS!

I am pleased to announce that as of this morning with contributions that will continue to be received until the end of the month, the 9th Annual Walk, Roll ‘n’ Run has raised over $87,500!  What an amazing demonstration of employee and community support. It was a beautiful morning and inspiring experience and we look forward to next year as we continue to “Engage, Inspire, and Connect.”

Great News!

As you might remember, back in April, UCP announced an exciting partnership with Lawyers Title. Between April and June, every time a transaction closed, Lawyers Title set aside a portion to donate to UCP.

Today, we got to find out just how much had been raised when we received a large and exciting check for $11,333, which will be used as a Platinum Sponsorship for this year's Walk, Roll ‘n’ Run. This significant contribution has helped us be even closer to our event goal of raising $80,000! 

Lawyers Title has also formed a Walk, Roll ‘n’ Run team, which will be made up of interested employees and others in their network.

Thanks to Lawyers Title for all of their support! This company is truly assisting UCP to further our message of “Engage, inspire, and connect”.

Learn more about Lawyers Title here.

Learn more about the Walk, Roll 'n' Run here.


    • Lawyer's Title presents...

9th Annual Walk Roll 'n' Run for UCP presented by Lawyers Title

September 7th, 2013

Are you planning to attend our biggest event of the year? Click HERE for more info!

UCP Connections Is Growing!

We are pleased to announce that UCP's support services brokerage, UCP Connections, is growing.

We are currently recruiting for two new Personal Agents, who will provide case management supports to a caseload of up to 45 adults with developmental disabilities.

If this sounds like something that might interest you, please see the job ad here.

Meet the UCP Scarecrow

    • UCp's Scarecrow

UCP's community garden plot (located in Hazelwood Community Gardens) is in full swing. Lots of people we support (and employees!) love to visit, taking a little time to pull a few weeds, plant, or water.

This year, they will be in the company of UCP's new scarecrow. The scarecrow was created by some of our very creative Choices Support Specialists.

Find Out More

Want to help, or donate plants, seeds or tools> Please contact Kerry Pinney by  or at 503-777-4166 ext. 353.

Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you there!

Walk, Roll 'n' Run Registration Is Now Open!

We are pleased to announce that registration for the 2013 Walk, Roll 'n' Run is now open! Visit the event website to learn more.

And don't forget to save the date: Saturday, September 7, 2013. We'll see you there!

UCP Explores the Mississippi Neighborhood

Every month or so, UCP picks a different neighborhood to explore as part of our “Neighborhood Waves” program.  During that month, we encourage the people we support to explore that neighborhood’s shops, restaurants, parks and trails, making new friends along the way.

In May and June, we will be exploring Portland's Mississippi neighborhood. Thanks to the following businesses for taking part in either by providing a coupon or tour:

  • The Rebuilding Center
  • Salty’s Dog & Cat Shop
  • Por Que No?
  • North Portland Bike Works
  • Pistils Nursery


Stay tuned for more stories as we make new discoveries and try new things. 

For more info about Neighborhood Waves click here or contact Kerry Pinney by or call 503-777-4166.

A New Community Services Director

Please join us in welcoming John Goff, UCP’s new Community Services Director. As Community Services Director, John will oversee UCP's supported living and community inclusion ("Choices") services.

John came to us from the east coast, where he served as the Executive Director of a large non-profit that supports adults with disabilities through residential, recreational, and individualized supported employment services. Prior to his work on the east coast, John spent 10 years in Oregon, where he served adults and youth with disabilities in different capacities.

John first became interested in disability issues as a teenager while volunteering at a UCP affiliate in New York. He has dedicated his career to empowering people with disabilities ever since.

John is committed to the mission and values of UCP, and is very excited to have returned to the Northwest community. In his free time, he enjoys exploring Oregon’s outdoor spaces with his wife and two sons, and rock climbing whenever he gets the chance.

Congratulations To Melissa and Our Supported Employment Department

We are pleased to congratulate Melissa Miller, the head of Employment Solutions (UCP's supported employment department), on reaching ten years of employment at UCP.

Melissa has been employed by UCP since April 30, 2003. She started as a Roommate (live-in caregiver) for one of the people we support. Since then, she has made a huge impact on many of the people we support and the disability community at large.

In 2005, Melissa assisted with the creation of our supported employment services. The program is known today as Employment Solutions and is revered as a model of best practices in Oregon. 

If you’ve had the privilege of working with Melissa, please make sure to congratulate her on ten years and her many successes!

Find out more about Employment Solutions here and learn more about Melissa here.

Neighborhood Waves Update

Every month or so, we pick a different neighborhood to explore as part of our “Neighborhood Waves” program.  During that month, we encourage the people we support to explore that neighborhood’s shops, restaurants, parks and trails, making new friends along the way.

Our most recent neighborhood was Beaumont/Concordia, where we had the pleasure of touring the Concordia New Seasons Market and McMenamins Kennedy School.

At New Seasons, we were greeted with tasty samples in each department. The locally made cheese and pastry sample were especially popular, and so was an impromptu lesson on how to properly filet a salmon.

At McMenamins Kennedy School, we learned about the building’s past (it used to be an elementary school) and about the fantastic murals, several of which were created by middle school students. 

What’s next, you say? Well, for the months of March and April, we'll be focusing on Oregon City. So far, we’ve planned tours of Oregon City Fire Station #15 and Sycamore Lanes Therapeutic Riding Center. If you'd like to expore the neighborhood, too, please click here to get  a coupon to use at participating businesses in April.

For more info about Neighborhood Waves click here or contact Kerry Pinney by or call 503-777-4166.

Lawyers Title selects United Cerebral Palsy of Oregon & SW Washington for Giving Hope Campaign

We are excited to announce that Lawyers Title of Oregon, LLC has pledged its support to our UCP affiliate through its Giving Hope Campaign.  The money received through this program will go towards Platinum Sponsorship of UCP’s Walk, Roll ‘n’ Run. The funds raised at the WRR are the primary source of funding for UCP’s Family Support Department.

Here’s how the program works: every time a Lawyers Title transaction closes during the second quarter of 2013 (April-June), a portion of the transaction fees will be donated to UCP. Also, Lawyers Title employees have opportunities to volunteer and take part in the event.

So, if you or anyone you know is in the process of buying or selling a house, we’d love it if you select consider Lawyers Title. Thanks for your help!


About Lawyers Title:

Lawyers Title of Oregon, LLC is a fixture in the Portland real estate market.  Lawyer Title has six branches in the Portland metropolitan area and is a member of the Fidelity National Title Group, America's largest family of title insurance and related companies.  The company was originally founded in 1925 in Richmond, Virginia and has expanded its national footprint in the title insurance market.  Its direct operation in Portland began in 1983.  Learn more about Lawyers Title here.

Let's Connect

With state resources dwindling for families, it’s more important than ever that parents and other caregivers have opportunities to connect to share resources, respite, equipment, emotional support, and more. 

To facilitate these connections, UCP Family Support is offering something we call “Let’s Connect.”

Let’s Connect is a vibrant collaboration between UCP Family Support and the Developmental Disability Service offices in both Clackamas and Multnomah Counties, who have provided grant money to fund the trainings.

This year, we will be holding seven parent trainings for parents and other caregivers (as well as professionals) on topics that have been identified by families as relevant to them.  The topics include:

  • Bullying Prevention
  • Behavior
  • Transition to Adulthood
  • Communication
  • Locating Summer Resources 


The trainings will be held between March 7th and June 12th.  To find the dates and locations of these trainings, please visit this link.

Last year, we worked with Clackamas County to provide nine parent and professional trainings; the trainings were very well attended. This is a partnership we hope will continue for years to come. 

Along with the trainings, UCP will also host two family outings in the summer that are fun for the whole family, including another roller skating outing with the Rose City Rollers! Summer can be a very stressful time for families raising children who experience a disability or special health need because not all summer programs are accessible. 

Find out more about UCP's Family Support Department here.

Congratulations to Chris

UCP’s Supported Employment division (Employment Solutions) assists qualified job seekers who experience a disability to connect with employers who value what they bring to the workplace.

One of the people being supported now is Chris. A couple years ago, Chris hired UCP and Melissa to help him work toward his goal getting his dream job, which is to repair computers and work in a small shop.

Melissa and Chris met regularly to work on employment-related skills such as improving his hygiene and social skills, how to show up on time, and how to set appropriate work place expectations. Then they worked on pursuing related experience for him. First, he participated in Free Geek’s Computer Build program.  He was assisted at Free Geek by Melissa and other UCP staff, who assisted him to learn the tasks and interface with his American Sign Language Interpreter. Chris is proud to announce that he just received his certificate and earned a free computer!

Chris also completed a two-week unpaid work assessment at a Gresham computer repair shop called East Wind Computers. He did a good job, but Roger (the owner), thought he needed more training before he’d be a competitive applicant for related jobs, so Roger offered Chris an unpaid internship! This is a very special opportunity for Chris to learn all about computers by working closely with the best in the industry.

Chris is also connected with Vocational Rehabilitation, who provide him with a variety of resources such as an employment mentor, interpreters and a cell phone so he can text with his support team and stay accountable.  

It’s taken a lot of resources for Chris to get where he is today but it’s well worth it! We wish Chris the best of luck on his journey.

Learn more about East Wind here. And don’t forget to support this wonderful company the next time you need your computer updated, cleaned or repaired!

Building Models... and Relationships

    • Bill & Mark
    • UCP Group at Bridgetowne Hobby
    • Rich & Nicole
    • Don & Michael
    • Larry & Vernon
    • Tony & Trey
    • Trey & David
    • Will & Dan
    • UCP Visits Bridgetowne Hobby
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UCP’s Choices program provides support to individuals who experience disabilities so that they can participate in community-based recreation, leisure, education, or the volunteer activities of their choice.

One of the best things that comes out of Choices are amazing new community partnerships.

Vernon Halls is the Assistant Team Leader of the Choices program, and it just so happens that he is also an avid model builder. He’s been shopping at Bridgetowne Hobbies for years. Four years ago, he discovered that some of the people we support also like to make models, so he started taking some of the people we support to Bridgetowne.

Ever since then, Bridgetowne’s owner, Bill Daemke, has had a dramatic impact on the people we support. Bill always takes the time to engage, visit, and help us in our model building endeavors. Last year, Bill and Vernon decided to hold a model building class for the people we support.

The first model building class was a hit! Bill was there every step of the way, teaching UCP staff and a person we support how to build models from the ground up, showing us some tricks and short cuts along the way. It truly was a great time.

The first class was such a success that we decided to have another! This time, we had the pleasure of having a volunteer, Dan Evans, join us.  Dan is a semi-retired Portland Public School and a Bridgetowne customer who also loves models. So another friendship has been formed.

Our next model building class (to be held in July) will have a Star Wars theme of Rebels vs. Empire.  Half of the group will be building X-Wings and the other half will build TIE Fighters.  This theme has generated a lot of excitement and anticipation among our group.  July can’t come soon enough.

Thank you to Bill, Dan and Bridgetowne Hobbies for making a “Community for Everyone”! Find out more about Bridgetowne here.